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Low-carbon environment 
without adding low aldehyde odor net

Technology Innovation
60 patents for inventions in Germany intelligent coating production line

The strength of strong enterprises
7 production bases, more than 5,000 sales outlets

National brand
China's 500 value brand brand value assessment 1.225 billion yuan



Guangdong Follett Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a large-scale high-tech, professional architectural coatings company integrating scientific research, production, sales and engineering construction. First introduced in the industry: natural stone paint, rock lacquer liquid granite colorful paint, water-filled sand 5D rock paint, inorganic anti-virus paint, texture art paint, indoor and outdoor environmental wall paint, texture scratch paint, texture sand paint, More than ten series of paints in the field of art relief paint, elastic pattern paint, high elastic paint, fluorocarbon paint, etc...

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  • Natural stone paint series
  • Natural rock paint series
  • Artistic texture paint series
  • Sand In Water Imitation Stone Paint series
  • Water-In-Water Multi-Color Lacquer series
  • Interior and exterior wall coating series
  • Waterborne metal paint series
  • CASE

    Shine City 

    Project Name: Tianjin Zhongyi - Happiness
    Project address: Changde City, Hunan Province
    Project size: 30,000 square meters
    Project materials: real stone paint
    Material supplier: Guangdong Follett Building Materials Co., Ltd.

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  • NEWS

  • Common engineering problems and solutions of textured paint

    There are also some factories that use natural color sand to color textured paint with rich and lifelike colors, which gives people a good visual effect. It has strong texture and rough surface.

  • Future development trend of waterborne fluorocarbon anticorrosive coatings

    Fluorocarbon paint is a kind of anticorrosive paint which can improve the anticorrosive performance and service life of metal materials. Fluorocarbon coatings will be widely used in steel industry.

  • Summary of domestic coating industry in July

    As a supporting industry of real estate, industrial manufacturing and other industries, the development space of coating industry is also affected by real estate and other industries.

  • The situation of the times forces the technical innovation of coatings

    If the construction team is in a hurry for the construction period, and the water content of the new wall or base course is not completely dried, it shall be covered and painted immediately.

  • Exterior wall coating will enter a rapid development stage

    At present, many areas in China have realized the superiority of exterior wall building coating, and will gradually promote the use and popularization of exterior wall coating.

  • Waterproofing is only one step away from "house water"

    Waterproof construction is the most important part of building and home decoration. How to improve the quality of building waterproof and solve the problem of leakage?

  • Analysis on the development status of paint enterprises in 2015: blindly following the trend serious

    Looking back at the home furnishing industry in 2014, we can see that many home furnishing materials enterprises are on the verge of bankruptcy.